Wedding of Uvani and Pulasthi

Pulasthi, a good friend of mine called me and said "I want you to document my wedding". I was thrilled and happy and I said "Yes". after all the gaming "broness" we had it was gonna be amazing to do his wedding.

The dressing and photoshoot took place in Uswatikeiyawa just above Colombo, at the Reefs Edge Hotel. It was such a big and spacious hotel with a beautiful view of the sea! This was the first time I got to see Uvani and the first thought that came to my mind was "Shes a Princess". Her makeup was just superb and I loved the hair style. Later I got to know the stylist did it on the fly which requires a lot of talent. Pulasthi came in a white shirt and pink tie with a creamish color suit. 

Remember earlier I said I was " in awe" when I say the beautiful Uvani? The "first look" shot just ran across my mind and I was like "This will blow Pulasthi's mind". It did, just amazing. 

After the shoot we went to the Naval Club house not far away from Reefs Edge for the reception. The decor there was just amazing too. There was so much detail and I loved shooting every little thing about it.