In memory of Bob Dylan's 75th birthday and with that a small farewell to Budhi.

It was amazing to be among the gang of Wagon Park again. Budhi as we all know is leaving the country for further studies. He will be back to launch their new album for Wagon Park.

On the 24th of May this year, we are celebrating the 75th birthday of the greatest songwriter of our generation, Bob Dylan! He has been a major influence to Budhi in his musical journey and he has decided to bid farewell to everyone with a tribute gig to this legend.

But, in the light of the recent flood situation and landslides, he wanted this evening to be of help to at least a few of the thousands affected by this terrible tragedy.

They made arrangements to collect on that day whatever they can in the forms of dry-rations, clothes, etc.

He invite us to come, hangout and enjoy the wonderful music of Bob Dylan while digging into some of that Arthur’s Pizza magic while sipping on cold beer, gin & juice or whatever is on the menu.