Tai was part of the team of photographers who worked on our wedding - he stood out from among the others because of his great sense of humour, and outgoing personality. We have since had the privilege of working with him on a variety of projects including, most recently, a family photo shoot. Tai is punctual, professional, committed, fully invested and super fun to work with. He did an outstandingly creative job. He works well with people of all ages and stages in life. I was impressed also by how fast he produced the photos. Tai is my first choice, when I need a photographer for a project of any description. If you go with Tai, you get more than your money’s worth.
— Rukshani Weerasooriya Wijemanne
Tai came in on very short notice and did a splendid job covering my wedding. Cant thank him enough for the brilliant job he did. Pictures look gorgeous and natural. Thank you so much Tai. Will recommend to anyone!
— Sanjaya Samaratunga
We want to thank u for being the best at everything last night

U made our day so much more awsome by being their with us.. u are not and never will be just a wedding photographer to us..

Ur now part of the gang 🤪
— Lalinthi and Amila
Thank you! The photos are very professional and very well-taken!
— Alexandra | William Grant and Sons
I personally loved Dammi’s wedding photographs. I loved your capture of my family on the day too! xD Genuine, unique and pretty :)
— Nilupul Janapriya
Tai Hsin Shiek You have been so kind and understanding. Thank you so much for all of your help and for not making me feel like a complete idoit.. I know I don’t know it all and have a lot to learn but I do know some and strive daily to improve. I have a passion for learning and for photography. I always value and appreciate kind teaching!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
— Brandy Brewner
Absolutely love your work Tai! I usually hate pics of mine but you do a great job at changing my mind on it!

Your pics are always a treat to the eyes! Super work!
— Nadini Sahabandu
One of the top photographers in Sri Lanka. Highly recommended. Apart from being a talented photographer, Tai is a good human being too. And shares his knowledge to other photographers too unlike many of the other photographers.
— Nadeesha Paulis
Learnt something really new. Always did love to click at the perfect time with the perfect lighting. But never knew how to do it at all. But CAPTURE 2016 a super simple photography workshop organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Colombo, Faculty of Arts did teach me a lot.

Good job Amristar Wickramaratana and the team on pulling off a super project. Tai Hsin Shiek loved the way u taught us today and was nice meeting you bro.
— Ahmed Zeeshaan
Working with Tai was a delight! His work is absolutely impeccable and of amazing quality. He enhances the beauty of the spaces and tells their stories through the camera making each image unique and special! :)
— Nimaz Nazeer | Civil Engineer\Green Building Consultant
Tai is professional, friendly and funny … his professionalism is clothed in a relaxed and simplistic approach that makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable
— Rabindranath Refuge | Fit Fuge
U are the best photographer
I love love it
— Danu Innasithamby | Lite Fm
You are one amazing photographer, who helps beginners a lot.... Help them to learn and gain experience....Thank you for everything
— Jithmi Alwis
Hey just went through my dads bday pics again. Thank you so much for all the great effort! Enjoying them again and again. :D

You made sure that you capture the best! We are so glad we got you to cover it. :D
— Bhagya Fernando Warnakula
When working with Tai, two things are very clear: he is extremely passionate about what he does and he is crazy fun! :) As a result, with Tai, you not only get amazing photos but also fantastic memories while shooting them. He is also a master at making you feel comfortable. This makes the whole experience so much fun! :) In a sense, with him, it is impossible to not enjoy being photographed! :) It was a pleasure to work with Tai for our wedding and we would, without hesitation, recommend him!
— Mike Gabriel
Thank you so much for the time and effort!! You rocked hero!! 😊😊 really happy with your work and team!
— ‎Safa Abubacker‎
Thank you TAI for the wonderful wonderful waleema album! I know I gave you a really hard time but I must say super job! Very classy!!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️
— Aaliya Mohamed
Tai thank you so much today was amazing and I’m so grateful to you for sharing your advice and knowledge. Greatly looking forward to having the chance to work with you. Thank you!!
— Namal De Silva
One of the best guys in the game had an amazing shoot and amazing work!
— Brindan Javice
I have no words to say about his work, he is one of the best photographer, I have met in my life. Easy to work with him. The nicest guy on the earth!
— Heshan Ekanayake
Thankyou... You have done a fantastic job.wonderful memorable pictures to see for years to come.we would love to have you for our future family occasions. All the best for all your future projects and keep up the excellent work!
— Gowri rohan | Ambiga jewellers pvt limited
Not only a great photographer but an awesome friend. And an amazing person.. Great working with him & the shoots turn out to be just fine as ever!
— Natasha Fernando
Awesome photographer, Awesome friend, never cease to amaze me how talented this guy is with the cam. Awesome personality and carries that through his work too.. Always smiling and cracking jokes. All the best for the future endevours bro.
— Mayura
Highly skilled professional that is extremely dependable and will help capture those extra special moments in your life! Sheik is an amazing person to work with!
— Asela & Sash
He is an excellent photographer and also a very good person to work with. I can describe him one word.. PERFECT
— Gethma & Ruwan
Extremely thankful to my bro Tshiek for an excellent performance behind the lens that added new dimensions to my Rock music Video and my wedding photoshoot.
— Dr. Charith Nanayakkara
Awesome pics and yes a friend indeed ... I will never forget this gentlemans help in making me a better photographer .. % Dedication to his pictures and upcoming photographers ... A real Gem of a guy!
— Lahiru James
Have worked with him over the months countless times and he never fails to surprise me with something new and something amazing. I see him as a person with a great personality and shows some promising work.
— Rajitha Wijesinghe
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